Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Niece and Nephews

Dallas and I have the cutest niece and nephews! We love spending time with them and I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite photos of them. Currently we have one beautiful niece- Brooke. She belongs to my JT and Britney.These pictures were taken when she was just so little! We haven't seen her since her baby blessing, so I am glad that Britney is such a good blogger and keeps new pictures of her posted regularly!! Dallas and I are expecting two new nieces to join Brooke this summer and even out the numbers... Becky is due in early July and Jennie in August!

We also have four adorable and rambunctious little nephews. The youngest- Epeli, who in this picture is going for his first swim! He belongs to Brittany (yes we have two--Brittany is Dallas' sister and Britney is my sister-in-law). He is just learning to walk and I am having a difficult time accepting the fact that he will be giving up his speed crawl soon. It is so fun to watch him crawl.

Lance the 3rd will be turning two in September. He loves his Uncle "Dal-Dal"... as you can tell from this picture. He is growing up so fast and it's hard keeping up with all of his energy!

Jared and Jackson are two and four years. They are my sister-Jennie's boys. I can't believe how old they are getting and how grown up they seem. Jared is two now and Jackson a whopping four! Jared loves to be outside in the the garden getting dirty and Jackson is always riding his new bike. He is getting very good and will be off of his training wheels in no time! They are both very excited for their new sister "Cutie Pie" to arrive in August.

Welcome Home, Elder!

Dallas' younger brother, Matt just returned from the Munich, Germany/Austria mission. Dallas and I joined his family at the Salt Lake airport to pick him up. Everyone was so anxious to see him come home. Extended family and friends came to surprise Matt at the airport. It has been fun getting to know Matt--especially since I had never met him before! I was a little nervous to meet him for the first time, but now that he's home it's hard to believe he was ever gone! Bronx (Matt's dog) is especially glad Matt is home and is so happy that things worked out between Dallas and me... afterall he is one of the reasons that we even hooked up in the first place! :)