Friday, September 5, 2008

Over the River and through the Woods to Gram's House We Go!

Last Thursday my mom, dad, and Brett brought Dennis out to Utah to get ready for school. Since Dennis just came home from his mission, we decided to go visit my dad's parents in Idaho. On Friday while Dallas was getting ready for the big game with the rest of the team, I went with my family to Pocatello to visit Gram and Grandpa Bob. It was so good to see them and to catch up with them. They are amazing people and I am proud to be their granddaughter. Here are some memorable photos at their home.

Gram and me

Grandpa Bob, Gram, me

Grandpa, Gram, Dennis

Uncle Jim, Dad, Grandpa, and Gram


A couple of weeks ago my little brother (well, not so little anymore!) came home from his mission!! Dennis served for two years in the Argentina, Mendoza mission. It was soooo good to see him and I am so excited for him to be going to the Y! We will have lots of fun going to the football games together. I had a great time in CA with ALL of my siblings! We almost had our ENTIRE family together (minus Dallas--Fall Camp). That hasn't happened in over two years! It was a blast hearing about Dennis' adventures in Argentina and hearing him speak Spanish and English with a thick accent. Welcome home, Den! We love you!

Elder Steele, fresh off the plane!

Looking around, realizing that he's really home

Stunned at how big our little Brett is!

Starting to adjust and showing us some souvenirs

Look at this mate (sp?) cup! Crazy!

Dallas and I can't wait to have you over to hang out with us, Den! We love you!

Final Days of Summer...

Since it's almost been about a month and a half since my last post and SO MUCH has been happening, I thought it about time time to update!!!

BYU Football has officially begun!! Dallas had his season opening game last Saturday and it was a blast! We played Norhtern Iowa and won 17-41. Dallas has made a big position change over to Center since Tom Sorenson had shoulder surgery (get well soon!) and did a great job with his new assignment. Matt started at Left Tackle and it was so much fun watching them out there together. My whole family was able to attend the game (minus J.T. and Britney) and it was so nice to have everyone there. Here are some pictures from the game. Way to go, babe!!

Dallas and me before the game

Dallas running out of the tunnel

Dallas and Matt after the "Haka" #65 (Dallas) and #70 (Matt)

Dallas' first play at Center and Matt's at L. Tackle

Good job boys! We think you're amazing!!! Rah, rah, rah rah rah... Goooo Cougars!!