Monday, April 27, 2009

Fly like an Eagle!!

This past weekend was the NFL draft and was very exciting for Dallas and I! Dallas is now a Philadelphia Eagle!! He signed a free agency contract with the Eagles and is excited to get things rolling with his new team. He has worked so hard all of his life and I am so proud of him for accomplishing one of his dreams. Thank you to everyone that has helped my sweet husband get to this point and for all of your support!

We are also excited for our other fellow Cougars who are taking their football careers to the next level and wish you the best of luck! Austin Collie: Indianapolis Colts; Fui Vakapuna: Cincinnati Bengals; Travis Bright: Dallas Cowboys; Ray Feinga: St. Louis Rams; David Oswald: St. Louis Rams; and David Nixon: Oakland Raiders!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

NEWSFLASH: Baby on Board!!!!

Dallas and I are extremely delighted to announce that... we are going to have a baby!! I just recently finished my first trimester, and WOW did it go fast! I have been plagued with morning sickness, but am crossing my fingers that cloud will lift any day now! I'm not really "showing" to the public eye yet, but I will try to take some photos and you can judge for yourself. I am excited for when I can fit into the cute maternity clothes that my mom got me for my birthday, though! I won't be able to find out if we're having a boy or girl for about another month or so, which is driving me crazy! I want to know sooo bad! Anyway, we are so excited and can't wait to introduce you to our bundle of joy in October!