Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!
I know that it's a little bit late, but Dallas and I took some well needed time away. We have been in Bear Lake the last two weeks and over the fourth--we had a blast!! Dallas and I went up around June 20th to Bear Lake, just the two of us. We decided not to bring any water equipment up with us, but brought the family Rhino instead (it's a side by side four-wheeler... sooo fun!). It was nice to get away and to spend some time outdoors with each other. We loved taking the Rhino on lots of trails, splashing through giant mud puddles, and the pretty views from the mountain tops. And we both enjoyed just relaxing and being together! We were able to stay there for about a week and then came home for just a day to do some laundry. The next day we took Matt back up with us and brought the boat and jet skis. It took me about a day to get over my fear of open water (I go through this every year), but after that I was good to go! A few days later the rest of Dallas' family joined us and we all had such a great time. We both loved all the time that we were able to spend out on the beautiful lake, our milkshakes from LaBeau's, and spending time at Grandma Ruth's condo. Thank you Grandma Ruth for making it all possible and to Lance and Leslie for all that you did for us up there--we know it was hard work!!

Since I didn't get to throw up a post for the fourth I will just say how extremely grateful I am to live in such a wonderful country and for the freedoms that I take for granted everyday. When I sit back and think about the sacrifices that so many men and women have made to protect those freedoms I am humbled. Bless the troops-- I love the U.S.A.!!

CAUTION: LOTS of pictures!!!

On the way up we stopped at the Maddox Steakhouse. The fried chicken is the best and a trip to Bear Lake wouldn't be complete without it!

I had to post this picture. On our way through Logan there was a group of men on motorcycles "packing some heat." Look carefully right below the man's hip. Crazy!

Taken on our first Rhino trip at the top of a mountain! Beautiful!

I got out to take a look around!

Dallas in our fun little "ride."

The two of us enjoying the view.

We spent one day down on Grandma Ruth's lot. We mowed the lawn and made sure it was ready for everyone to come up for the fourth. We decided to stay and have dinner: Hot dogs and s'mores. I love Dallas' clever way of roasting his hot dogs!

Dallas' favorite purchase we made before we went up to Bear Lake (the little saw)! He's soo handy :)

Since we didn't make it to the spa on this vacation we decided to get mud baths! ;)

More mud!

You can't tell from this picture, but this hill was soo steep! I was literally hanging into the Rhino by my seatbelt!

After Matt came up we all took a Rhino ride! Here we were going like 35mph and the bugs kept splattering on our faces. I even got yellow bug guts in my hair! Eww!

Dallas and Matt on the mountain top

The view

We were so high we made it to the snow!

This is Dallas and Matt on the tube after everyone made it up. Lance was driving and this is on their way down!

Picture almost 700 lbs going over this wave!

Another turn-- Hang on guys!!

You can tell they like it when Lance drives the boat... I think their expressions say it all! ;)
What can I say... we had a great time. We look forward to Bear Lake every year. Thanks everyone for such a good time and especially a big thank you to my sweetheart. I loved getting away with you and I just can't get enough of you!