Monday, October 22, 2007


What a weekend!! BYU played Eastern Washington on Saturday, and even though we came out on top (7-42) it was quite a game! My dad was flying in for the weekend, so I was stoked that he was finally going to get to watch a home game with me. We had heard that there was going to be a chance of rain, so we went prepared to the game with a beach towel, a blanket, ponchos, coats, gloves, stadium seats, beanies... you name it! I have watched too many games in pouring rain, and I actually wanted to be prepared this time. Prepared we were. Knowing Provo, we had no idea what was going to happen at this point in the season. Rain could mean snow or sunshine. There's just no way of knowing. We happened to see it all on Saturday: cold rain, warm sunshine, slush, sleet, snow, and finally a blizzard! I think Dad and I used every little thing that we brought. Dad and I sat comfortably all bundled up in our blue ponchos and layers of clothing, sipping our hot chocolate while everyone around us scrambled to seek shelter. It was so much fun!! We had a blast. Dallas played great--even on a sprained ankle. His ankle got tackled during the UNLV game and he came home with a purple baseball on the side of his foot. This picture doesn't really do it justice. Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery. I know he's tough, but I hate seeing my sweetheart get hurt!

Sunday night we went over to Jennie's house for dinner. Jackson and Jared dressed up in their fireman and policeman outfits for us and Jared wrote Dallas a ticket for, "being too big!" It was so cute! Dad had a fun time with the boys and holding Isabella. Mom was sad that she wasn't here with my dad, but we'll get her up here soon!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekend Travels and Fun

Last weekend was Dallas' "bye" weekend, meaning it's the only weekend that he does not have a football game during the season. I don't know how Dallas does it all. Being a student athlete is tough and this break was well deserved. We were fortunate enough to have a very eventful weekend! We spent most of the time relaxing in beautiful Park City. The hotel we stayed in was very nice and we really enjoyed the half indoor/ half outdoor pool!

On Saturday we drove up to Pocatello, Idaho to celebrate my grandpa Bob's 90th birthday! He and my Gram are wonderous with their good health. It was so great to see them and to visit my birthplace! Dallas and I even stopped at one of our family favorites--Tasty Treat for a "Space Burger" and "Boston Shake"... delicious! One thing we weren't expecting was driving up in the first (and way too early in the season) snowstorm! Our windshield wipers broke, and it was an adventure making it up to Pokey!

My dad and Brett flew in from California for my grandpa's birthday. I was so happy to see them, but the real treat came when they visited us at our apartment for a few hours. We had a blast with them here. We all decided to play a little Guitar Hero--we never knew Dad was such a great rocker! It was a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Catch up!

Wow... so much has happened in the last few months I don't even know where to begin! We have been internetless (I know that's not a word) since our last post, but I am happy to have it back and be blogging once again!

Dallas is back in school now and the football season is well under way. He has been having a great season, as well as the whole BYU team. I have loved going to the home games and loved the opportunity I had to go to the UCLA game with JT, Britney, Brooke, and the rest of my family! Isn't Brooke adorable?! I think she looks exactly like "Boo" from Monsters Inc.

Dallas and I are also thrilled with our two new nieces: Rylie and Isabella! I have included pictures of both of them. We think our nieces are just beautiful! Rylie is the cute, petite blonde and Isabella is the sweet, plump brunette. Isabella has the cutest rolls!

One of the highlights of our summer was the trip to Bear Lake with Dallas' family. I didn't get too many pictures because we spent most of the time having fun in the water!