Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Reynolds Wrap

I realized that there aren't many pictures of Dallas and me on here, so I thought that I would put together my very first slide show of us! The music is great, so turn it up if you want to smile--Enjoy!

Odds and Ends

Dallas has had a wonderful season so far this year. He just played a great game against TCU. BYU did a wonderful job and it was a fun one to watch. We came out with another "W"-- Yay! Dallas went against one of the greatest defensive ends in the country (Tommy Blake) and gave an outstanding performance. I think he did a fabulous job (way to go Babe!). These are some photos I took at the CSU game from a couple of weeks ago when my mom was in town. We went to the game with Jeff and my nephews. The shot with the grey hair would have been perfect, but the guy in front of me leaned forward right when I shot it! :(

I bought some shelves while my mom was in town a couple of months ago. I loved the design of them, however they did not quite match our apartment. They were originally white and I thought they would match our things perfectly, but once I got them home I realized they were the wrong "shade" of white. Anyway, my mom suggested that I paint them. I loved the idea, but was a little nervous to venture out and do something like that myself. While my mom was in town for her birthday recently (Happy Birthday, Mom!) we finally painted the base coat. She went back to California and left me to finish the accent or "antiquing" myself. So, I have finally finished the shelves and Dallas and I hung them the other day. I was so excited to finish this project and wanted my mom to see some pictures of how they turned out. Now all I have to do is figure out what to put on them... (hopefully it won't take so long!)

I know that Halloween is over, but I couldn't not post anything about it. We were never able to carve our pumpkins-- I should state that differently: On Halloween day I went to the store and the pumpkins were on sale for fifty cents each and I couldn't pass up a deal like that! Dallas and I didn't have time to carve them, but we were happy we at least had some pumpkins on our doorstep!

I have been feeling quite festive lately. Now that Halloween is over I am already thinking about Christmas. There was a great sale at Robert's the other day and I found a beautiful wreath that I got a steal on! This wreath is great. You can't tell from the picture, but it looks like it is frosted with sparkles. I need to spruce it up a bit, but I thought I would include a picture anyway.

Monday, October 22, 2007


What a weekend!! BYU played Eastern Washington on Saturday, and even though we came out on top (7-42) it was quite a game! My dad was flying in for the weekend, so I was stoked that he was finally going to get to watch a home game with me. We had heard that there was going to be a chance of rain, so we went prepared to the game with a beach towel, a blanket, ponchos, coats, gloves, stadium seats, beanies... you name it! I have watched too many games in pouring rain, and I actually wanted to be prepared this time. Prepared we were. Knowing Provo, we had no idea what was going to happen at this point in the season. Rain could mean snow or sunshine. There's just no way of knowing. We happened to see it all on Saturday: cold rain, warm sunshine, slush, sleet, snow, and finally a blizzard! I think Dad and I used every little thing that we brought. Dad and I sat comfortably all bundled up in our blue ponchos and layers of clothing, sipping our hot chocolate while everyone around us scrambled to seek shelter. It was so much fun!! We had a blast. Dallas played great--even on a sprained ankle. His ankle got tackled during the UNLV game and he came home with a purple baseball on the side of his foot. This picture doesn't really do it justice. Hopefully he will make a speedy recovery. I know he's tough, but I hate seeing my sweetheart get hurt!

Sunday night we went over to Jennie's house for dinner. Jackson and Jared dressed up in their fireman and policeman outfits for us and Jared wrote Dallas a ticket for, "being too big!" It was so cute! Dad had a fun time with the boys and holding Isabella. Mom was sad that she wasn't here with my dad, but we'll get her up here soon!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Weekend Travels and Fun

Last weekend was Dallas' "bye" weekend, meaning it's the only weekend that he does not have a football game during the season. I don't know how Dallas does it all. Being a student athlete is tough and this break was well deserved. We were fortunate enough to have a very eventful weekend! We spent most of the time relaxing in beautiful Park City. The hotel we stayed in was very nice and we really enjoyed the half indoor/ half outdoor pool!

On Saturday we drove up to Pocatello, Idaho to celebrate my grandpa Bob's 90th birthday! He and my Gram are wonderous with their good health. It was so great to see them and to visit my birthplace! Dallas and I even stopped at one of our family favorites--Tasty Treat for a "Space Burger" and "Boston Shake"... delicious! One thing we weren't expecting was driving up in the first (and way too early in the season) snowstorm! Our windshield wipers broke, and it was an adventure making it up to Pokey!

My dad and Brett flew in from California for my grandpa's birthday. I was so happy to see them, but the real treat came when they visited us at our apartment for a few hours. We had a blast with them here. We all decided to play a little Guitar Hero--we never knew Dad was such a great rocker! It was a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Catch up!

Wow... so much has happened in the last few months I don't even know where to begin! We have been internetless (I know that's not a word) since our last post, but I am happy to have it back and be blogging once again!

Dallas is back in school now and the football season is well under way. He has been having a great season, as well as the whole BYU team. I have loved going to the home games and loved the opportunity I had to go to the UCLA game with JT, Britney, Brooke, and the rest of my family! Isn't Brooke adorable?! I think she looks exactly like "Boo" from Monsters Inc.

Dallas and I are also thrilled with our two new nieces: Rylie and Isabella! I have included pictures of both of them. We think our nieces are just beautiful! Rylie is the cute, petite blonde and Isabella is the sweet, plump brunette. Isabella has the cutest rolls!

One of the highlights of our summer was the trip to Bear Lake with Dallas' family. I didn't get too many pictures because we spent most of the time having fun in the water!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Niece and Nephews

Dallas and I have the cutest niece and nephews! We love spending time with them and I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite photos of them. Currently we have one beautiful niece- Brooke. She belongs to my JT and Britney.These pictures were taken when she was just so little! We haven't seen her since her baby blessing, so I am glad that Britney is such a good blogger and keeps new pictures of her posted regularly!! Dallas and I are expecting two new nieces to join Brooke this summer and even out the numbers... Becky is due in early July and Jennie in August!

We also have four adorable and rambunctious little nephews. The youngest- Epeli, who in this picture is going for his first swim! He belongs to Brittany (yes we have two--Brittany is Dallas' sister and Britney is my sister-in-law). He is just learning to walk and I am having a difficult time accepting the fact that he will be giving up his speed crawl soon. It is so fun to watch him crawl.

Lance the 3rd will be turning two in September. He loves his Uncle "Dal-Dal"... as you can tell from this picture. He is growing up so fast and it's hard keeping up with all of his energy!

Jared and Jackson are two and four years. They are my sister-Jennie's boys. I can't believe how old they are getting and how grown up they seem. Jared is two now and Jackson a whopping four! Jared loves to be outside in the the garden getting dirty and Jackson is always riding his new bike. He is getting very good and will be off of his training wheels in no time! They are both very excited for their new sister "Cutie Pie" to arrive in August.

Welcome Home, Elder!

Dallas' younger brother, Matt just returned from the Munich, Germany/Austria mission. Dallas and I joined his family at the Salt Lake airport to pick him up. Everyone was so anxious to see him come home. Extended family and friends came to surprise Matt at the airport. It has been fun getting to know Matt--especially since I had never met him before! I was a little nervous to meet him for the first time, but now that he's home it's hard to believe he was ever gone! Bronx (Matt's dog) is especially glad Matt is home and is so happy that things worked out between Dallas and me... afterall he is one of the reasons that we even hooked up in the first place! :)

Monday, May 7, 2007

Dallas gets a haircut

Dallas hadn't cut his hair since right before our wedding, so I thought I'd share some before and after photos!

April showers bring... Birthdays!

Dallas and I both have our birthday's in April. I am older than Dallas by one year and just a couple of weeks, but Dallas loved to mention that I was two years older than he during those few days where I was 24 and he 22! To my relief we are back to just one year now. We had fun celebrating both of our birthdays. I had a fun surprise when my parents and little brother, Brett came to visit that weekend and stayed for a whole week! Dallas even got me a new gas BBQ for my birthday - or was it an early birthday present for him? - we had been wanting one for some time, so I was excited when he came home with it! This picture was taken right after I blew out my 24 candles.

For Dallas' birthday we surprised him with lots of new toys and tools for the BBQ... just what he needed and I even went to work in the kitchen and made him my grandma's famous German chocolate cake! We were too anxious to dig into it and skipped the fancy decorating, but it still tasted pretty good.

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

Dallas and I have attended quite a few weddings recently! John and Bonnie were married on April 28th. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful wedding. It was fun to see some of our close friends tie the knot. Dallas and John went to preschool together and have remained great friends ever since. Everyone in the picture on the left went to high school together and were the best of friends. The only one missing is Tyler who was getting ready for his own wedding that was a week later!

Tyler and Shannel were married on May fifth. It was one of the best Cinco de Mayo celebrations! The weather surprised everyone that day with Spring showers and snowstorms, but nothing clouded the happiness of the day. Tyler and Shannel glowed in matrimonial bliss. The only thing that could have gone better was if I had remembered to bring more batteries for the camera! We were only able to take this one picture of such a beautiful reception.

Needless to say, Dallas is excited that some of his best buds have taken the plunge :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Dallas & Suzanne at the Blue Man Group in Las Vegas December of 2006.